Claim Reporting Procedures

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AIG Truckers Liability/General Liability:
Register online to report primary lines claims (Auto/CGL/Property)

TT Club/Motor Truck Cargo POLICY# 54657/2013/CDN:
Please see attached claim procedures. All claims get reported to
James Wang
Thomas Miller (Americas) Inc
Plaza Five, Suite 2710
Jersey City, NJ 07311
Tel: 201-557-7300
Fax: 201-946-0167

NJM Workers Comp POLICY# M50442413:
To report a claim, please call:
1-800-HELP-NJM (1-800-435-7656)
8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Monday–Friday)

Physical Damage/First Niagara POLICY# 0488132A:
Kim Thome ASLI, AIS, AIC, AU - Claims Examiner
Russell Bond & Co., Inc.
295 Main Street, Suite 866
Buffalo NY 14203-2595
Telephone:  800 333 7226 ext 191
Facsimile:   800 677 6779
Email: or

Privacy Policy

Caparo Insurance Agency recognizes that the personal privacy of consumers is very important. Whether an individual is already a policyholder or is a consumer applying for insurance, maintaining the confidentiality of the nonpublic personal information provided about consumers and customers is a priority. Caparo Insurance Agency maintains high standards and safeguards to protect the confidentiality of such information.

Public and nonpublic personal information may be gathered from a variety of sources. Information including name, address, social security number, income information, education, occupational as well as other information about the insured and the insured’s property may be collected from the applications or other forms completed, or from information provided by agents. Policy coverage, premiums, and payment history information may be collected from transactions made with the affiliates of Caparo Insurance. Other information may be gathered from consumer reporting agencies such as credit bureaus or property inspection services. Caparo Insurance collects and uses only that information necessary to meet customers’ insurance needs and to provide quality service.

At Caparo Insurance, only authorized employees shall have access to nonpublic personal information collected. Access to nonpublic personal information shall be restricted to those employees who need access to that information to provide consumers and customers with our products and services. Commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of nonpublic personal information is a condition of employment at Caparo Insurance.

Caparo Insurance does not generally share nonpublic information about their current customers, former customers, or potential customers to third parties who are not affiliates of Caparo Insurance. Caparo Insurance will not disclose any information about consumers and customers to nonaffiliated third parties, except 1) with consumer/customer consent, 2) as required by law, 3) as permitted by law, 4) as necessary to perform our underwriting review (that is, to perform a credit check, have a property inspected, etc.), or 5) as necessary to otherwise service a customer’s policy or effect a customer-requested transaction. Disclosure to nonaffiliated third parties will only be permitted with the contractual agreement by that party that the information will only be used for the purpose for which it is disclosed.

This privacy policy applies to applicants, policyholders, claimants or beneficiaries under insurance products or services obtained from Caparo Insurance, Inc. primarily for personal, family or household purposes; it does not apply to products or services obtained for business, commercial or agricultural purposes.