When you work as an electrician, it can be hard to know what sort of insurance to buy. Aren’t all businesses using the same insurance? While that might seem like a tempting answer, that’s not at all true. For the most part, you need customized coverage for your business that speaks to the specific liabilities you face every day. Use these tips to make the most of your insurance coverage and get the prices you deserve. 

Who Needs Electrician’s Insurance? 

In short, electrician’s insurance is a policy that covers an electrical business. However, you don’t buy a singular policy. Our team doesn’t seek out a quote for “electrician’s insurance” only to send you back on policy with one price. You are insuring several areas of your business up to a level that makes sense for you. 

But, who needs electrician’s insurance? All of these professionals should consider covering themselves with insurance that is designed—in many cases—just for electricians.

    • General electricians 
    • Lighting technicians 
    • High voltage line workers 
    • Low voltage line workers 
    • Fiber optic technicians 
    • Controls installation technicians 

What Does Electrician’s Insurance Cover? 

Electrician’s insurance should cover a wide range of things, including: 

    • Business liability—Covering your business against accusations of injury or illness caused by your work 
    • Commercial property—Protecting the physical space where you work, store your tools, keep records, etc. 
    • Business or income interruption—Offering more cash flow when your business cannot work as normal  
    • Workers’ compensation—Protecting employees, replacing their income, and covering medical expenses after work-related injuries or accidents 
    • Commercial auto—For all the vehicles your business uses 
    • Umbrella insurance—Expanding limits for existing policies 
    • Equipment breakdown coverage—Covering tools as they break down 
    • Tools and equipment—Protecting all the tools and equipment you own 
    • Installation floater—Protects items that are awaiting installation 
    • Errors and omissions—Protecting you when clients claim the job is not done 
    • Surety bonds—Protecting clients when a contract is signed 

More Insurance for Electricians 

When you need additional insurance, reach out to our team for assistance. You may find that you need environmental coverage, inland marine insurance, a builder’s risk policy, and much more.  

As our team reviews the information you offer, we can better explain what you should carry and what makes sense for your business. No two businesses are the same, and we will help you stand out both in protection and in mission. 

Contact Caparo Insurance for More Information on Electrician’s Insurance

Reach out to Caparo Insurance directly at any time when you need help with electrician’s insurance. Insuring your electrical contracting outfit is simpler than you think when you allow us to write your policy, find the best quotes, and make adjustments over time. Protecting your legacy is our number one priority.  


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