At Caparo Insurance & Benefits, we understand that your household is constantly growing. And you want to protect all of your assets with an appropriate, affordable insurance plan. Whether you have recently welcomed a baby to the family or simply invested in a new home or car, we can provide insurance to accommodate all of life’s big changes. We constantly monitor and assess developments in the composition of your household to provide suitable property and casualty insurance at affordable prices. Trust Caparo to protect what is priceless to you.

Packaged Policies

There are many benefits to combining your homeowner’s, renters or condo insurance with your auto insurance and your personal liability coverage to create one policy. You become eligible for additional protection through higher limits than with separate policies. And more importantly, bundling will cost you less than maintaining separate policies. Moreover, a package policy offers you the benefit of having only one helpful agent, one policy, and one renewal date.

Auto Insurance

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Our automobile insurance plans are specifically designed to cover vehicle damage or theft, as well as provide liability coverage in the event of an accident. More importantly, though, these plans also offer dependability, outstanding service, and affordable rates. There is a wide variety of coverage options you can choose in order to customize your auto insurance plan to the needs of your family. But peace of mind comes standard.


  • Discounts
  • Depending on your policy, one or more of these discounts may be available to you.
  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Automatic safety belts
  • Driver training
  • Multiple cars
  • Anti-theft devices

Homeowner’s Insurance

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If you are like many people, your home is your most valuable asset, so it is important to protect your home in the case of loss or damage. A homeowner’s insurance policy does just that. The experts at Caparo will work with you and provide customized advice to give you the most effective and most affordable coverage. You can sleep easier knowing that your home is safe under the care of Caparo.


  • Home Replacement Coverage – For homes insured for 100% of their replacement value, damage resulting from a covered incident will be fully repaired, even if the repair cost exceeds the policy limits.
  • Electronics and Valuables Coverage – You can add additional protection for your valuables, such as jewelry, furs, stamp and coin collections, silverware, home computers, and cellular phones. Contact us to check the limits of your homeowner’s policy and confirm if one or more of these additional coverage options would be right for you.
  • Discounts
  • Contact us to see which discounts are applicable and find out how they can save you money on insurance payments.
  • Home sprinkler systems
  • Fire and burglar alarms
  • Smoke detectors
  • Dead-bolt locks

Life Insurance

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Life insurance packages provide financial protection for you and your family. Life insurance can protect your family and your business by covering a shortfall in your other assets. It can also be used to cover a mortgage or to help fund your retirement or a college education.

Caparo Insurance & Benefits provides a wide selection of term and permanent life insurance policies to meet the needs of your household. We also offer policies with discounted rates for nonsmokers and customers with a good health history.

Term Life Insurance

  • Protection for a specified time period
  • Lower initial cost
  • Ideal for covering a specific need
  • May be convertible to permanent life insurance

Permanent Life Insurance

  • Protection for your entire life
  • Flexible premiums and coverage amounts
  • Competitive interest rates in a tax deferred environment
  • Accessibility to cash values
  • Policy guarantees


Health Insurance

Many people are not offered health insurance through their employers, especially if they work for a small company.  Buying individual health insurance is not always easy because coverage varies from insurance company to insurance company and options are often confusing.  Although there is no one best plan, there are some plan that will better fit you and your family’s needs.  Utilizing the expert knowledge at Caparo Insurance & Benefits doesn’t cost you anything but can save you both time and money when shopping for health insurance.

  • Comply with Affordable Care Act requirements
  • Save money by finding the right balance between monthly premiums and potential out of pocket costs
  • Discuss past utilization and match plan design to future needs

Click here to see if you qualify for an individual subsidy from the federal government.


Boat Insurance

Your boat is a major investment in both time and money. That is why your boat requires the same protection as your other assets, such as your home and car. More importantly, this protection must be both comprehensive and affordable. With the purchase of a boat insurance policy from Caparo Insurance & Benefits, you can protect yourself against direct accidental losses to:

  • Your boat and all attached equipment/portable accessories
  • Your boat’s motor
  • Your boat’s trailer

Condominium Insurance

Condominiums require insurance protection in the same way that single-family homes do. When you purchase a condominium insurance policy with Caparo, you will receive broad coverage for your condominium and personal belongings. And you will become eligible for many special discounts.

Within a condominium insurance policy, you can receive special protection for valuable items, such as jewelry and electronics. You can also combine your condo and auto insurance into a package policy that provides extra coverage at a reduced cost.

Renter’s Insurance

Just like homeowners, renters need to protect their personal property against theft and damage. But they also need to protect themselves against any liability incurred from inadvertent damage to the rental unit. Robert McIntyre can provide a renter’s policy that will cover these contingencies at a reasonable price. A renter’s insurance policy can also be packaged with an auto insurance policy for additional savings.

Personal Catastrophe Liability Coverage Umbrella Policy

Accidents happen. A friend or family member could slip on your pool deck, or your child could hit a baseball through a neighbor’s window. Mishaps like these cannot be prevented, but there are ways to minimize personal damage when they occur. Without adequate insurance protection, such accidents could lead to a liability judgment against you, ultimately resulting in the loss of your home or other assets. Our umbrella policy provides personal liability coverage in such cases.

Our umbrella policy protects you, your spouse, and any relatives living in your household for up to S1 million or more, over and above the liability insurance you have from other insurance policies.


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