Electricians need insurance—they need policies to cover their liability if someone gets hurt on the job, equipment malfunctions, and liability stemming from working with other contractors. It’s important to carry coverage that you can trust to protect your business and personal assets. If you’re looking to buy a contractor’s policy for electricians, these three items are essential

What Does Electrician’s Insurance Do?  

Electrician’s insurance is, in short, a policy that covers a range of items using several different policies. The policies can cover:  

  • Commercial property  
  • Commercial auto  
  • General liability  
  • Commercial liability  
  • Business interruptions  
  • Workers’ compensation  
  • Equipment breakdowns and more  

Remember, however, that a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is also available that can bundle many of the coverages you need. Speaking with a member of our Caparo team will help you uncover the best policy combination. Plus, you should ask about specific coverage that will serve your business when you handle unique jobs.

Top 3 Benefits of Electrician’s Insurance  

When you purchase electrician’s insurance, the benefits go far beyond simply “buying it because you have to.” Investing in insurance coverage for your electrical business allows you to:

  1. Recover losses without spending out-of-pocket
  2. Repair and replace inventory, tools, damaged spaces, and more
  3. Provide your team the peace of mind that they deserve

Remember, you do not have enough money in the bank to cover every loss. If you’re managing a legacy business, your parents, grandparents, etc. dealt with fewer issues than you did. They didn’t need the sort of coverage you need, and you should take that to heart.  

Invest in insurance today so that you can get into affordable policies that suit your specific situation 

How to Save Money on Electrician’s Insurance

When you want to save money on your electrical insurance, remember that it can be expensive. Certain types of businesses require quite a lot of coverage, inflation is stealing some of our buying power, and carriers often hedge against risk.  

As a result, you should take these three steps to save money on your electrician’s insurance: 

  • Make sure you don’t have TOO MUCH coverage—which will cause you to overpay 
  • Increase your deductibles to decrease your premiums.
  • Adjust the duration of the policy to obtain certain discounts.

Reach Out to Caparo Insurance for More Information on Insurance for Electricians

As an electrician, you should protect your business as much as you can, and the best thing you can do is invest in insurance coverage. Reach out to our team at Caparo Insurance to learn about all the coverages that are available. Insurance policies for electrical work can keep your business healthy for many years to come.  

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